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Post  Mani on Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:03 pm

So guys...use this topic to say what you think about your draft.

I' really happy. I picked 11 players with A pot. I have a strong defense, with one of the best LB unit and speed in every position

Key position
qb - Josh Freeman: with his amazing combination of strenght and speed, with J.Charles and the play action schemes, he can both throw or run...young and on the raise

rb-Jamaal CHarles:What can i say? Catch him if you can. After AP, the best running back in the biz, despite his overall. I really can't believe that he fell at 28 overall.

Take a look at my underrated wr unit
M.Thomas 93 speed
L.Murphy 93 speed
G.Tate 93 speed
T. Holliday 97 speed

MLB: Lofton and Laurinaatis make the center of the field well covered.
OLB: Koa Misi and Tamba Hali..Strong on the run, and able to rush the pass, i really like it this combo.

D- LINE: guys, here is the cream. DT Soliai with Sopoaga and Dorsey are a strong unit that can smack down the running game

CB: Tramon Williams is the shutdown corner i always want in my team. With Sam Shields at slot corner, it will be really hard to beat him with the speed.


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Post  Cidusii on Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:40 am

While I was feeling like I was doing pretty poorly in the draft when I was drafting, after looking over my team I can happily say that it looks better than I thought, and is definitely a team for the future. Get this: The oldest starting player is 27, and that's an offensive lineman. A lot f A-Potential players there as well, which means I should be pretty set moving forwards, with only the odd gap to fill.

Looking at positions:

QB - Joe Flacco will be a franchise QB for years to come. Great arm, and his accuracy should hopefully improve.

HB - Jonathan Stewart was one of the guys I was aiming for, so I'm happy. A great power back to have as he only really likes to fall forwards. Good turn of speed too. I still need a change of pace back, but that can wait for now.

FB - Eldridge may not look like much because of his overall rating, but he's got good run and pass blocking abilities, which are pretty essential for the position in my eyes.

WRs - Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. Need I say more? With Weems at slot I'm pretty happy with my receiving core this season.

TEs - If teams decide to play their safeties deep because of my dual WR threat, I have two solid TEs to take advantage of this. Jermichael Finley is a beast and will probably be my go to guy unless teams play more aggressively. Jermaine Gresham isn't hugely talented yet, but with his potential and age, give him a season or two and he'll be one of the better receiving TEs about.

O-Line - All reasonable, but probably my weakest area right now. They'll develop with time though, or be replaced by in later draft stocks.

D-Line - Pretty happy here. B.J. Raji and Chris Long provide a formidable force to begin with, and Shaughnessy will develop into a top class DE. If he doesn't, Everette Brown is right on his heels!

LBs - Curry, Hawk, and Moats provide for a reasonable LB group. While Spencer Havner isn't the greatest at that second MLB slot, his coverage skills more than make up for his lack in rushing.

CBs - While not necessarily the guys I was looking for, they do make up a great group of guys to have. Leon Hall and Jerraud Powers are young talent CBs who should step up this season. Webb makes up for his lack in skill with his speed at the nickel position, and he will only improve with each season.

Safeties - T.J. Ward and Sherrod Martin are both young safeties with high potential.

Overall, I'm happy with how I've built this team and where I can direct it in the future.


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